Lean on Me (trailer) 2008

Trailer for Lean on Me about a drug addict who finds support and love

Lean on Me (8 min film) 2008

In the romance Lean on Me an alcoholic woman on her way back from the pub finds and injured man in the park. She likes him and decides to take him home and take care of him. This becomes increasingly difficult because he is a drug addict.

The Game 2008

A story about the beauty and the geek helping each other.

Cold Spell 2008

Don't let the bad weather set your mood. Two girls find warmth in the cold.

Master of Talents 2007

Moments from a play performed by young actors at the Auckland Congress Hall of the Salvation Army. You can download the full version free at:
The play is based on stories submitted by the participants and tied together by the biblical story about the talents.
The film was voted third at the Avid Asia Editing Competition.