The Game 2008

A story about the beauty and the geek helping each other.


  1. Poor Andy! I'd go to the movies with him! He's cute and i like geeks. :)
    I liked this short too. Good fun and i thought the lighting was great considering you had the beach to work with!

  2. Beautiful and funny. I liked the pace of the dialog, the sparkle of the ocean, the breeze's affect, and the music was perfect (in choice and in volume)...
    You've just turned me into a fan...

  3. nice - well done. the geek does look like he isn't a geek in real life though =-)

  4. cute story.. why Mandy wont go out with Andy? haha.. he's a cute geek! =D

  5. Actually, I couldn't understand what Mandy said in response at the end. What words did she say? Was it a colloquialism? Could someone write out what she said at the end and tell me what it means?

    Guess probably both my ears and my speakers aren't the best. Could it have been a deliberate nebulous ending? A word that could have meant both Yes and No...

    It would be more intriguing if so.

    Best of the New Year to all.

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