Lean on Me (8 min film) 2008

In the romance Lean on Me an alcoholic woman on her way back from the pub finds and injured man in the park. She likes him and decides to take him home and take care of him. This becomes increasingly difficult because he is a drug addict.


  1. Hi Ellie,

    I liked this story of Frank and Mary dealing with addiction. An interesting examination of what happens to a life in crisis. Something which I believe anyone could easily identify with.

    Thanks for sharing your talent,


  2. No hablo ni escribo en ingles, pero las imágenes hablaron por sí misma.
    muy bueno lo que vi. Bay!!

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  4. Just so long as she didn't offer him cold turkey for lunch.

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  6. Ellie,

    Some thoughts came through my mind as I watched this video.

    What woman in this day and age brings home a stranger? Especially one who is an addict and owes money to/and gets beaten by drug pushers?

    A pennyless real-life addict would steal from her. Heroin addiction is so powerful that nothing is more important than the next fix.

    Love is not this simple. Love does pop in out of nowhere and does not cure all addictions.

    Or would you rather I just praised you and said, "Brilliant film"?

  7. nice short video. amazing collection

  8. Wow! what an amazing short videos, and nicely done!

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