The ultimate power of government in regards to private property invites the temptation to use it as a tool to steal and re-appropriate that property to those who hold or pull the strings of political power.
That struggle between those who need government to protect their property and those who want to use government to steal is the essence of politics.

A simple plan to take over the world in a couple of easy steps...

Why humanity doesn’t live in everlasting peace and prosperity if we have already mastered the technological means and have access to the resources for that?
Why is humanity stumbling from war to war for no particular reason using ever more sophisticated instruments to kill and maim fellow human beings?
Why does our justice system seem eager to punish severely petty crimes but keen to ignore major ones?

The Quest for Empire

The quest for an empire – powerful enough to deter all potential enemies and thus secure peace and prosperity for its subjects!
How did humanity try (and keeps trying ) to achieve this dream, where did we succeed and when and why did we fail?
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I love and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. I believe that you can only understand what you love and care about. Beauty and harmony are everywhere around us. When I understand myself I understand the world. As nature creates beauty in different forms and shapes I tried to express my thoughts, feelings and beliefs in form, color and texture. My art is paint on sand and leather. You have to witness it physically to be able to appreciate it in its original glory.