Bird Bath

Bird Bath

Birds having fun in the water on a hot afternoon.

Making sure they wash their wings (arm) pits too.

First one, then don’t forget the other.

Looking all lovely and disheveled after that J


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

For Bulgarian Christmas Eve! The tradition is that for dinner there must be 5, 7 or 9 vegan meals. I usually strive to prepare 7. They are: bread with lucky charms/tokens; peppers filled with beans; dolmades with rice and raisins; oshav; salad; fruit; 

pumpkin pie…….for more click here

For Christmas we prepare roast pork with pickled cabbage, banica – pastry pie with feta cheese, pita – bread with lucky charms for everyone at the table baked inside, cake or other type of dessert.


Happy New 2022 Year!


Captain James Cooks Cottage

Captain James Cooks Cottage

If you are in Melbourne, you must see Cooks Cottage. Very attractive and cool place. How to find it? Its Fitzroy Park, Wellington Parade, East Melbourne 3002 I went there by tram 109.

At the entrance the park, there I saw a family of ducks. They are so cute and beautiful. We sat on a bench for a while and honestly, I think there is some energy or magnetism, who knows, but I felt so good.

After that you will see Fitzroy Gardens with beautiful flowers and then James Cooks Cottage.

I will not retell the whole story, you can read it on the internet, but I’m so impressed by it.

In 1933 Sir Russell Grimwade learnt that the cottage was about to be demolished in England. He purchased the cottage and arranged for it to e dismantled and brought to Australia.  

After you have seen the cottage, you can wander through the beautiful backyard garden restored as close as it is possible to the original. Keep an eye out for the vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  Home grown herbs were used to cure all manner of illnesses and injuries, from bad breath to influenza and broken bones. (if you are interested in natural remedies you can buy my book here: Mish Mash by Ellie Great). In the last room you can sit and watch a movie about Captain James Cook.





The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Saint Augustine