If you have rash – here are eight remedies:

  1. You will feel better after bathing in sea water. If that is impossible due to weather or other reasons but you have access to sea water dab the skin with a piece of cotton soaked in seawater.
  2. You can also cover it with slices of cucumber or smother it in cucumber juice.
  3. Try one teaspoonful of vinegar mixed with one soup spoonful of warm water.
  4. You can get some relief from the itching if you add three spoonfuls of baking soda to your bath and spend at least 10-15 minutes soaking in it.
  5.  You can also use the following – mix a teaspoonful of lemon juice with some coconut oil and leave on the affected place for an hour. After that rinse it with warm water.
  6. A similar to the above remedy is to mix a teaspoonful of ground poppy seed with some lime juice.
  7. Creased almond leaves also help. Apply to the affected places twice a day
  8. Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system and any way to get more natural vitamin C may alleviate the symptoms of rash and allergies. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning or the juice of a lemon diluted in a glass of water can help achieve that.
If the rash appears suddenly and/or covers  large part of the body you may need to seek medical attention.
How to tell?
If your kids get rash!


  1. Good and helpful suggestions. I usually use vinegar for relief from itching and it works.

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