About the Heart!

Heart problems

Heart problems are often caused by the diaphragm pushing the heart upwards, the following breathing exercises can help ease that pressure:

1 Breath in and try to hold the air in your lungs as long as possible. Try to take a deep breath and hold the air in as long as you can 5 to 6 times in a row. That should ease heartache and palpitation.

2. If the heart problems are caused by anxiety you can ease them by sitting on the ground legs crossed in a lotus position and to breath in slowly (counting to 7) hold your breath (again while counting to 7) and exhale slowly (again while counting to 7) Do it several times then reverse your legs if tired and repeat the breathing exercise.

In addition to the breathing exercises it is good to drink freshly squeezed vegetable juice on empty stomach (in the morning or in the evening 1 – 2 hours before dinner)

First day:             Carrots and spinach: 290 g carrots and 170 g spinach

Second day:         Carrots, beetroot and cucumbers: 290 g carrots, 90 g
beetroot, 90 g cucumbers

Third day:            Carrots, celery, parsley, spinach: 200 g carrots,
120 g celery, 60 g parsley, 90 g spinach

Fourth day:          Start all over again as in day one and continue for several
months. Do it every day.

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