I'm back!

I want to apologize to the followers of my blog for my long absence. The reason is that in the beginning of September 2019 we decided that we have to change something in our lives and that something was to move to another country. We chose Australia to be closer to our boys who live there. That’s when the chaos started – quitting jobs, buying tickets, sorting out our stuff in three unmanageable piles – one to be sent by ship, another to be with us on the plane and a third to be donated or thrown away.  We made the move at the end of September. Ultimately, it appeared that we have organised our move quite well and my former super boss also helped as much as he could. Our younger son met us at the airport, we bought sim cards for the phones and went to his apartment to leave our luggage and then to a restaurant with the boys and their partners for a welcome celebration.
I was very happy when we came back from the restaurant and enthusiastically opened the laptop to look for a place to stay – the best solution being us in the same town but not under the same roof. I liked an apartment and entered the address in my phone for directions. The next morning, I woke up before everyone else showered and go ready to go and see the place. The phone said we had to go to La Trobe St and take tram number 30. We got out on the street and turned left. We walked for some time – my phone lost connection to the internet perhaps the new sim wasn’t working but be believed the other phone might still connect and take us to the place. We walked till our feet ached but saw neither the street nor tram number 30. We stopped to order Uber but unfortunately the other phone had no connection too.  Desperate we decided to turn left and try to return home – we have missed the appointment to see the apartment. As some say – desperation leads to success. After a block or two we saw a tram – a different number – 1 and reckoned that it may take us home. The map in the tram assured us that will be the case. When we told our kids about our adventures, they laughed a lot and said that we should have turned right from the time we came out of the building and the tram stop was just a minute away. Now, three months after that, we still live near La Trobe St and every time I pass through that street, I remember with a smile our initial confusion. But that how life is – it sometimes serves you something you didn’t want but will later turn into a happy memory.

Happy New 2020! I wish you all peace, happiness, health. Let it be bountiful like the autumn and you be strong and unstoppable like the sea in winter!
To sweeten your soul, I start publishing recipes.
Pumpkin Pie

Grated pumpkin
Chopped walnuts
Olive oil or butter

1. Preheat oven to 160 degrees C
2. Take a sheet of pastry and roll in it 3 spoons of grated pumpkin, 1 spoon of sugar, 1 spoon of chopped walnuts and one spoon of butter or olive oil.
3. Arrange the rolls in a buttered or oiled baking pan. Spray the rolls with olive oil and bake in an oven until golden.
4. After that cut the rolls in rectangular pieces and sprinkle with icing sugar.



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