Everyone has to be his or her own healer. For me - leading a healthy life is a top priority. What led me to that conclusion.

Years ago when I woke up and tried to get out of bed, I lost balance and felt sick. A visit to the which helped overcome my vertigo and upset stomach in a couple of weeks but I was scared and started looking for a permanent solution.. Soon after that I came across a book by Petar Danov where he said that medicine often just suppressed the illness without leading to a permanent cure. I continued reading the book. Further he says that many ailments are due to either toxins or misalignment of your diaphragm or both.

You can keep your diaphragm aligned with special exercise including breathing.

You can flush toxins from your bloodstream through fasting - or just limiting the meat and eating more fruit, cereals and vegetables

Follow this link for some advice on diaphragm training.
I will follow up with my own exercises in the following weeks.