How I Started

I started with breathing exercises. I stand with my heels, back and head leaning on the wall so my body posture can be as straight as possible.  I put one hand on my stomach and with the other block my right nostril. I inhale slowly counting to seven (you may use a watch to measure the seconds or a mechanical clock so you can hear them with your eyes closed). After that I block both nostrils and count to seven, then release the right nostril and exhale slowly counting to nine.
Reverse. Inhale through the right nostril – count to seven, hold your breath for seven seconds, exhale through the left nostril while counting to seven. This is one cycle.

If you want to try that - do it for one week. After a week – increase to two cycles. If it feels difficult to do or your heartbeat increases – don’t increase the number of cycles – you are not ready. Go back to one cycle until you feel that you can go forward. I managed to get as far as three cycles.

After I felt better – to keep in shape I started with push ups and planking. I started with one push up and increased it to twenty. I started planking (the simplest form – face down on my elbows) from three seconds and now I manage ten. I’ve also added an exercise where from a starting position on my hands and knees I lift one leg (as high as I can) and keep it there for as long as I can – then reverse. I have managed to get to 20 seconds on this one.

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