For Your Eyes Only

Every part of the body needs exercise that may help prevent or heal many ailments. Try, don’t be lazy. It may save you worry and suffering later.

Exercise for the eyes.
I do it every morning right after waking up. With eyes closed I move my eyeballs slowly from left to right, then from right to left, then up and down and from down up again. I repeat it five times. When I wash my face - I try to keep my eyes open so the water will wash out any impurities,

Also, about once a month I wash my eyes with a chamomile infusion. Heat about 200 ml of water pour it in a cup and drop a pinch of chamomile cover the cup with a saucer and wait for it to cool down. Strain the infusion and apply to the eye with an eye wash cup (you may use a piece of cotton if you don’t have the cup) while you are lying down.
Move your eyeball around and try blinking so some of the liquid can leak inside the eyelid. You may feel some discomfort and irritation due to the anti-inflammatory effect of the chamomile infusion.
Because chamomile is actually dried flowers refrain from use if you have pollen allergy.
For more information about chamomile check: