You never walk alone

You never walk alone!

A man had a strange dream. He saw himself walking in the sand with God. Simultaneously different events from that person’s life flashed in his mind. Then he noticed that there were two  rows of footsteps but for the hardest moments in his life.
“I knew it!” – he thought – “God has been abandoning me exactly when I needed help most! I knew it then and now it is confirmed.”
In the morning he sadly turned his eyes to heaven and asked: “Why God, you’ve always told me that you will never abandon me and now I see that in the most difficult times of my life you were not beside me?”
“You are wrong, dear child,” – came the answer – “I love you and will never abandon you. When you were facing your worst challenges and suffering in life and you saw only one row of steps in the sand… Those were my steps – I was carrying you in my arms…”

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