This is me!

It is so good that we have the internet and everyone can share joy, sorrow, pain or what we had for dinner, breakfast or lunch.
I would like to share that I believe in trying to take care of my own health using my own insight and knowledge and visit a professional only when the situation is more serious. In the following posts I will share the knowledge that I have accumulated during the years for dealing with my and my family and friends’ health and wellbeing issues.
The simplest advice is drink hot/warm water – that helps cleanse your blood and include garlic in your meals where possible – it can work magic. Also, try to avoid antibiotics or other medicine unless it is absolutely necessary and prescribed by a doctor you trust. Sometimes granny’s medicine is better than the one offered by a modern pharmacy. I like garlic – it helps against many ailments and drink several glasses of hot/warm water a day. The water cleanses the body keeping me healthy. Speaking of hot water rosehip tea can help recover from a common cold. I use a tablespoon of dried rosehip for a 250 ml cup of water. I usually boil the water first – drop the rosehip into the boiling water – cut of the heat and cover. After an hour – strain and drink as any  other tea.
When I feel depressed, I avoid antidepressants, I don’t go to see a doctor but try to overcome it. That may not work for you but retail therapy or even going to the casino helps me overcome the feeling of helplessness. If I don’t have any money - I play Bridge on the internet – and chat with the other players at the table sharing my issues – I know they cannot help, but just talking about my problems helps me regain peace. Of course, you can talk to you friends but that can have a negative effect both on your peace of mind and your friendship. If I don’t feel like playing Bridge or even connecting to the internet – I make myself a good cup of coffee and look at the sky thinking how beautiful it is. Or listen to the birds singing. Then I can feel how the tension eases and my smile returns to me. What I want in life is peace in my soul and love in my heart. Is that difficult? No, it isn’t. I just have to be strong and overcome all difficulties I may be facing at this moment. How? God will show me the way. I just need to be patient and humble. I fall asleep with the words patience and humility on my mind and the next day I am a new person – healthy, cheerful and ready to deal with all those issues that caused me feeling depressed.
It’s very good when you wake up in the morning to tell someone how much you love him or her... Or to hug someone. When I wake up – the fist thing I do is to tell my family how much I love them. That gives me strength.
This is me! I fall, I get up, but I never give up! And I confess, I bow my head, and say I’m sorry when I have done something wrong  because arrogance leads to ignorance.

Food, Drink and Boosting Your Immune system

I am not a fan of any particular diet, but twice a year one week before Easter and one week before Christmas I am fasting - I abstain from eating anything that comes from an animal - meat, milk, butter etc. During the rest of the year I eat meat and lots of vegetables, salads and garlic. I eat salad and garlic with every meal except breakfast. Garlic is also good pressed and mixed with mashed avocado with some lemon and salt. You can add the mixture to your salad or spread it on toast (preferably rye bread).
For me - the important rule is to avoid overeating. When I feel I’m full – I stop eating.

I drink mostly water, freshly squeezed juice and perhaps 50 ml alcohol per day.
My day begins with a spoon of honey mixed with cinnamon (good for your heart and joints), then some good coffee and water. I drink a lot of water during the day, perhaps around 2 litres. I drink around 50 ml of alcohol (rakia or grappa) in the evening with salad. Once per month (the 9th of every month) I drink only freshly squeezed fruit juice.
What fruits do I use – whatever I can find at my local shop or market. I prefer apples, pears, grapes, grapefruit, kiwifruit, oranges and anything else that catches my eye. I believe that replenishes the missing vitamins and detoxifies my body.

Boosting your immune system
One glass of freshly squeezed juice every day. Do that for six months, then give yourself a break for two months and start again.
The basic ingredients are - carrots, spinach and lemon.
Add apple, orange, pineapple or melon to make it more interesting.
If you feel the spinach is too much you can replace it with celery.
Increase or decrease the number of carrots to your liking.

For your eyes
Back on the topic about the eyes - freshly squeezed juice rich in vitamin A:
Carrots, pumpkin, spinach, melon, oranges, peaches (I would eat cherries not toss them in the juicer, but they are good for your eyes too).
If fresh fruit and vegetables are not easily accessible you can try dried plums or apricots, they are rich in vitamin A.

For Your Eyes Only!
About The Heart!

For Your Eyes Only

Every part of the body needs exercise that may help prevent or heal many ailments. Try, don’t be lazy. It may save you worry and suffering later.

Exercise for the eyes.
I do it every morning right after waking up. With eyes closed I move my eyeballs slowly from left to right, then from right to left, then up and down and from down up again. I repeat it five times. When I wash my face - I try to keep my eyes open so the water will wash out any impurities,

Also, about once a month I wash my eyes with a chamomile infusion. Heat about 200 ml of water pour it in a cup and drop a pinch of chamomile cover the cup with a saucer and wait for it to cool down. Strain the infusion and apply to the eye with an eye wash cup (you may use a piece of cotton if you don’t have the cup) while you are lying down.
Move your eyeball around and try blinking so some of the liquid can leak inside the eyelid. You may feel some discomfort and irritation due to the anti-inflammatory effect of the chamomile infusion.
Because chamomile is actually dried flowers refrain from use if you have pollen allergy.
For more information about chamomile check:

How I Started

I started with breathing exercises. I stand with my heels, back and head leaning on the wall so my body posture can be as straight as possible.  I put one hand on my stomach and with the other block my right nostril. I inhale slowly counting to seven (you may use a watch to measure the seconds or a mechanical clock so you can hear them with your eyes closed). After that I block both nostrils and count to seven, then release the right nostril and exhale slowly counting to nine.
Reverse. Inhale through the right nostril – count to seven, hold your breath for seven seconds, exhale through the left nostril while counting to seven. This is one cycle.

If you want to try that - do it for one week. After a week – increase to two cycles. If it feels difficult to do or your heartbeat increases – don’t increase the number of cycles – you are not ready. Go back to one cycle until you feel that you can go forward. I managed to get as far as three cycles.

After I felt better – to keep in shape I started with push ups and planking. I started with one push up and increased it to twenty. I started planking (the simplest form – face down on my elbows) from three seconds and now I manage ten. I’ve also added an exercise where from a starting position on my hands and knees I lift one leg (as high as I can) and keep it there for as long as I can – then reverse. I have managed to get to 20 seconds on this one.

For Your Eyes Only!
About The Heart!
Food Drink and Boosting Your Immune System


Everyone has to be his or her own healer. For me - leading a healthy life is a top priority. What led me to that conclusion.

Years ago when I woke up and tried to get out of bed, I lost balance and felt sick. A visit to the which helped overcome my vertigo and upset stomach in a couple of weeks but I was scared and started looking for a permanent solution.. Soon after that I came across a book by Petar Danov where he said that medicine often just suppressed the illness without leading to a permanent cure. I continued reading the book. Further he says that many ailments are due to either toxins or misalignment of your diaphragm or both.

You can keep your diaphragm aligned with special exercise including breathing.

You can flush toxins from your bloodstream through fasting - or just limiting the meat and eating more fruit, cereals and vegetables

Follow this link for some advice on diaphragm training.
I will follow up with my own exercises in the following weeks.

The ultimate power of government in regards to private property invites the temptation to use it as a tool to steal and re-appropriate that property to those who hold or pull the strings of political power.
That struggle between those who need government to protect their property and those who want to use government to steal is the essence of politics.

A simple plan to take over the world in a couple of easy steps...

Why humanity doesn’t live in everlasting peace and prosperity if we have already mastered the technological means and have access to the resources for that?
Why is humanity stumbling from war to war for no particular reason using ever more sophisticated instruments to kill and maim fellow human beings?
Why does our justice system seem eager to punish severely petty crimes but keen to ignore major ones?