Simple Hash Browns – good for Monday breakfast


Simple Hash Browns – good for Monday breakfast J




Boil the potatoes


Leave in the fridge overnight

In the morning fry in butter till they are brown

Serve with love and imagination.

Bonn Appetite!




1 cup of flour

1 glass warm water

20 g yeast

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon sugar

Frying oil


Mix add sugar and yeast to the water mix and leave for 10 minutes. Add the salt and mix again. Add the flour knead and leave the dough to ferment for about 20 minutes. Pull out small balls from the dough pull into flat circles and fry.

Serve sprinkled with sugar or you may prefer to add marmalade. 

Beef with potatoes and green beans

Beef with potatoes and green beans

  1. ½ kg beef
  2. 1 kg potatoes (I prefer baby potatoes)
  3. 200 gr green beans
  4. 2 carrots
  5. 1 onion
  6. 100 gr mushrooms
  7. 200 ml vegetable stock
  8. 1 tomato or 2-3 tablespoons of tomato sauce
  9. 1 glass of water
  10. Parsley
  11. 2 hot chilli peppers

Sear the meat.
Cut the vegetables and arrange them in a pan with the meat and add the stock and the tomato puree.
Cook in an oven at 150-160 C for about 2 hours.
When it is out of the oven sprinkle with freshly cut parsley

Bon Appetite!

Sunday Bread

Sunday Bread

  1. 1 Kg flour
  2. 1 packet (or tablespoon) yeast
  3. A pinch of salt
  4. A pinch of sugar
  5. 200 – 300 warm water

Add the yeast, sugar and salt to the warm water and leave it for about 10 – 15 mins to develop.
Sift the flour in a mixing bowl and add the above mixture.
Knead into dough and leave to rise for about an hour.
Bake at medium heat for about 30 – 40 minutes.
I tried a slice with ricotta and jam – delicious.

Tell me about your experience?

Eat well!